How To Create Strong Passwords That You Can Remember Easily.

Creating strong passwords for all your online accounts is not a thing you should do. It is a thing you must do. Two months ago, my Google account was hacked into. The hackers changed my password and blocked my access to the account. Luckily, I discovered this early and got Google to change my password via my secondary email account.
Last week, the MakeUseOf Google account was also hacked into and the hacker had the audacity to transfer the MakeUseOf domain out and blackmail the owner. In case you are still thinking that your password is strong and safe, maybe it’s time to wake up.


In today’s online world, having a strong password is a must. However, the problem with strong passwords is that they can be difficult to remember.
Altering the passwords you currently use by adding a meaningful symbol is one step toward making them difficult for Internet thieves to crack. Here is a list of symbols, some suggested uses, and some examples of how to incorporate them into your passwords:
! excitement, strong emotion
@ the letter A, the word “at”
# number, pound, tic-tac-toe
$ money, value, the letter S
% a part of something
^ raised eyebrow, upside down V
& the word “and”, this and that, twins
( the letter c, the moon
) the moon; anything lunar; crazy
* sunny, bright, starry
+ adding one thing to another
= balance, equanimity, this equals that
< this is less than that, this is younger than that
> this is greater than that, this is older than that
? unknown, variable, questionable
~ water, wind
Here are three examples. When you see the symbol in them, reference the above list to see how it is used.
First example:
1. Your 1st born daughter’s initials are JLM
2. She was born in 1987
3. She has a sunny and bright disposition
Potential password: *1stJ87lm>
Second example:
1. You are a twin
2. Your initials are ABO
3. Your twin’s initials are STO
4. The last two digits of your Social Security Number are: 58
Potential password: Abo58&Sto
Third example:
1. Your oldest child’s initials are MWP
2. Your next oldest child’s initials are SEP
3. They were born in 1981 and 1983, respectively
Potential password: Mwp81>83Sep
Here are six more tips for strong passwords:>
* Spell letters phonetically: the initials ABO can become AyBeeOh
* Use both upper and lower case letters
* Use at least one number
* Do not begin or end the password with a number
* Make the password at least eight characters
* Practice your new password in your word processor; get it to flow smoothly off your fingers
I strongly suggest that you stop everything, go, right now, and change your banking and any financially sensitive passwords. Other types of passwords can wait. Do it now, before you forget.