How to Capture a Screen Shot in Windows Or Mac OS X

How to Capture a Screen Shot in Windows:
In Windows, taking a screen shot is done by pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard. On most standard keyboards, it is found to the right of the F12 key in the upper right hand portion of the keyboard. When this key is pressed, Windows takes a snapshot of the current contents of the screen and saves it to the Windows Clipboard.
If you want to take a screen shot of just the active window, make sure to click once on the window you are working with, then hold down the Alt key and press Print Screen. This will send the contents of the active window to the Clipboard.
You will then need to save the image to an image editor. You can use any software that you feel comfortable with. If you don’t have an image editor, you can find Microsoft Paint installed on almost every computer that runs Windows. It is usually available from the Start menu by clicking START, Programs, Accessories, Paint.
Once you’ve opened your image editor, click on the Edit menu and choose Paste. The Screen Shot will be dropped into the image editor for you to save. Click on the File menu, and then choose Save to save it as a file in the graphics format of your choice. The best file type to use for saving screen shots is .jpg (if your software allows it).
How to Capture a Screen Shot in Mac OS X.
To take a screen shot on your Macintosh computer you may use the Command-Shift-3 function. When you press Command-Shift-3 your Macintosh will capture a screen shot and save it to the desktop of your computer.
Now that you have the file saved, you can attach it to an email to our support forum. Please do not place the image in the body of the email as we will be unable to see the embedded images.