Microsoft’s Web browser – Internet Explorer goes a la carte

The latest version of Microsoft’s web browser sports a lot of colourful icons and tabs that you can click to get around. But if you miss good old-fashioned menus at the top of your screen, you can get them back.

One quick way to see the old menu bar is to press [Alt key] on the keyboard.

Doing it way, though, leaves the menu bar visible long enough only for you to select whatever menu or submenu you are seeking.

If you would like to have that menu bar hang around permanently, you can make Internet Explorer keep it visible.

To do so, click on the gear-shaped Tools icon over on the right side of the IE browser window and select Menu Bar.

From the Toolbars submenu in the Tools menu, you can also make other changes to the way your browser window looks, such as choosing to have your Favourites of RSS feeds displayed on the side of the window