Three new landing page design techniques

When doing landing page web design, I saw that the most frequently used typesetting is left-right symmetry and center-alignment. Although this is not wrong, if you use more, you may feel dull and innovative, so you will change the layout type occasionally. , can make your page visual more attractive. Today we showed you three new landing page style design cases study. This kind of design is relatively novel, and it is not yet full to the fullest level. Therefore, everyone can try it, and it will not be difficult, not only suitable for a landing page. For use on other designs, posters and other projects can use this layout design.

1.Diagonal layout

Compared with the left-right symmetry, the diagonal layout of the visual performance is more impactful, but there is the problematic point is that oblique images, materials will be more able to deal with the design.

2. Wave Type Layout

There are many kinds of lines, and the use of wavy lines in such a large area can make the picture have a feeling of jumping and agile so that the symmetrical layout does not seem too rigid.


3. Insignificant block separation  Layout

I think that people often see a lot of landing pages. They all distinguish between many screens. Each screen can be seen clearly. This “screen” can appear as an area, and in the following cases, they are not displayed one by one. The entire space is like connecting each other.

Do you understand? When there is no inspiration, think about these three kinds of landing page design techniques. The designers believe that this is a very useful layout and is worth using.

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