Different type of website design

To show whether the web content is suitable for demand When a user searches the web, the purpose is to obtain relevant information to solve the problem, which may include shopping, finding a professional company, acquiring knowledge, leisure activities. All this web content browsing and search for a particular purpose.

Type of Website



Corporate Image Website (Branding Website)

The purpose of the image web page establishment is to provide high-quality professional web pages to demanders according to the category of the company and the nature of the products. When the website uses RWD responsive webpage presentation the website displays more professional content and visual design that can make people with such needs and more willing looking for help and. This is also the company direction.

Shopping site

Shopping site also call eCommerce Website. Users with shopping needs should allow them to directly search for products, directly view product pictures or product explanations, and the image design plans and company professional explanations are not necessary. Such web design focuses on how to make product searching fastest. To search for the products the user's needs, so the site layout should be in the convenience of search and classification and the display of products and copy-writing. The RWD responsive web page shows the product introduction page, and the people who have shopping needs will have more products. Affinity, of course, also have the opportunity to purchase orders.


Information Website

Mainly based on a large number of articles and technical columns, such as blogs, Wikipedia, the homepage of Kiyo, and so on, the article classification section of this type of website must spend more thoughts, is whether the visual movement of the browse is clear and obvious, do not cause disorderly arrangement It should be noted that large-scale platform web pages do not recommend RWD webpages because the display content on small screens is limited and is not suitable for a large number of articles and pictures, even if it is barely displayed, it will be caused by too much information. Swiping all the way down, but this will not be convenient for the viewer, but it will cause browsing trouble.


Marketing Website

Marketing Websites differ from Web Applications in that they offer “front-end” marketing information about your company. They tell the world who you are, what you do, where to find you and why they should choose to work with you.  This type of website having a lot of marketing strategies to advertise and market the business. Call-to-action function must have on the marketing website. Normally when starting to build the marketing website must have the business target goal, and digital marketing plan before running this type of website.  Can we just use marketing website without corporate website?