Benefits of SEO on RWD responsive websites

Based on various experiences, we have compiled the benefits of SEO on RWD responsive websites as follows:

1. Reduce duplicate web content

If instead of using RWD responsive websites, in addition to the computer version of the website, it is necessary to design the mobile version of the webpage with the same or similar graphics content in order to pass the mobile phone compatibility check. Take MOMO Shopping Network as an example, the website of the computer version is “” and the website of the mobile version is “”. You can see that the link between the computer and mobile web pages is different. In Google’s rules, if the web address is different and the content is duplicated, your website will not be listed as a malicious link. It will still affect the Page Ranking. More references: Differences between RWD websites and mobile websites

2. Reduce Bounce Rate

If the mobile user clicks on your site after searching and finds that they can’t browse smoothly with their mobile phone and immediately return to the search page, that is, the stay time is too low, it is easy for Google to think that your site is not the best search result and rank you. It will also fall. Is the influence so great? Google has suggested that 61% of mobile users who encounter mobile phones that cannot be browsed by mobile phones will immediately jump out. At this time, higher clickthrough rates will increase the jump-off rate, and the advertising marketing cost of betting will be like throwing water.

3. Avoid users from hitting the wall Improve usability (Usability)

If the computer version and the mobile version are different websites, many users may not find the original searched content. For example, you see a useful webpage in front of your computer, then you are forced to jump to the mobile version after connecting to the webpage with your mobile phone, but you can’t find the original content again.
The RWD Responsive Website does not need to select the computer version or mobile version. Users can use various devices to browse the web smoothly and conveniently.

4. The same URL applies to computers, mobile phones, and tablets, and maintains a single link (Single Link)

Another advantage of RWD responsive websites is that they do not need to be linked to the computer version and the mobile version. The same web address applies to computers, tablets, and mobile phones, so the number of visitors will accumulate on the same website. When web pages are shared with friends, they can ensure that both parties can see the same content. When the drop-off rate drops, availability increases and the number of sharing improvements, the increase in traffic and stay time will naturally increase search rankings.
Another advantage of using RWD to maintain a single link is that the website’s marketing budget does not need to be split into computers and mobile phones. If it is done independently as a mobile website, it has to start pulling down the search ranking of the mobile website.

5. Improve local search rating (Higher Local Ranking)

More and more people use mobile phones and tablets to search common information such as daily services, entertainment, and travel. Google, to facilitate mobile Internet users, will give priority to displaying the search results of mobile devices that are closer to the user. For example, if a mobile phone in Taipei Neihu is searching for “restaurants”, Google’s search results will give priority to restaurant-related websites near Neihu. This intention is good and can increase the exposure of local businesses. However, if this website cannot be viewed smoothly on mobile phones, the high exposure rate will result in a high jump rate. That is, the more people point your website, the more People jump open and influence search rankings. Therefore, if you are a local service provider, such as restaurants, KTVs, motels, etc., the RWD responsive website will significantly increase your search ranking.

Google Likes RWD Responsive Website (Responsive Web Design)
If Google likes this set, then there’s nothing more to say, and using RWD responsive websites is all right. The following is the official Google document

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