Google Keep IOS, Android and Windows

Google Keep for IOS and Android. Now the Google Keep can run in Windows Apps as well.

This app is free to download and use it.

I found the Google Keep at Google Play  and it is very helpful in giving us important reminders in terms of appointments and to remember numbers of things.

Ever had a moment where you think of something inspirational or a last-minute errand but then forget to write it down?

Just grab your smartphone or tablet and set a reminder so you will not forget it.

You can even record. a voice automatica W transcribed. Other features include pasting photos
and documents on your Google Keep so you can look for them later.

All yow “keeps” can be shared with your contacts as well. The 8 colour-coded notes (blue, green, yellow …)  and labels make it easy to look for important

Google keep has the powerful search function it can search by text, colour notes, lables, types and Things. – Support Index