Horde Webmail User Guide – User Manual

This is quick reference guide to follow for checking email accounts via the new webmail system (Horde).

Login to WebMail

Open a web browser and go to http://webmail.yourdomain.com (Example: http://webmail.entertop.net)

Enter your Username(email ID) and password and click Log In

Using Webmail

Upon successful login you will see this screen:

Clicking the mail icon on the left menu will bring you to the inbox, where you can
perform email functions such as read/send/manage email.

To read a message, simply click on the sender or subject.

From this screen, you can delete, reply and forward your message.

Composing a message
To compose a message click on New Message from the top menu in the mail screen.
This will bring up a message composition window.

Changing Password
To change a password, open the My Account folder and select Password.

Type in the old password, new password and confirm then click Change Password.

Remember, the password is there to protect you and the rest of the internet from
malicious attacks. It cannot be stressed enough that the password should be difficult
to compromise. 6-8 characters, a mix of numbers, capital, and lower case letters is
highly recommended. Never use the User ID as the password!

Horde contains some very helpful tips whenever you see a you can click it for additional help with a feature. For questions not covered in this document contact Entertop Network support

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