Tell a interesting story to consumer

Mentioned website will first emerge in front of you is what? About Us? Latest news?

Many companies build a website that will naturally after someone to visit, as long as doing basic SEO, several waves of marketing activities, it will naturally lead to the topic. Most of the enterprises of the site as a bulletin board that public information to the users browse like, so a fixed structure on the site is always about us, product introduction, contact us …. and so on. But as the community development of the times, the behavior of the network has been a huge change in consumer behavior affected by more people, we have to look to buy things before the evaluation, eat dinner before a certain look in mind, to do any act necessarily we rely on word of mouth just right move. This trend, companies boast, forced into the effectiveness of advertising has been gradually limited, and most need to do to change it is to adjust the “passing information” approach, think carefully about how to get consumers to accept messages that do?


How company manage a new media website

think hard

Now the trend has shifted to branded content (Branded content on wiki) and native advertising (Native AD). Content needs through the packaging, the use of story-telling approach to engaging, while businesses and consumers also need to change the angle of communication, whether it is the language of communication, or content presentation must be a more humane way, with the sincere tone and communicate with consumers, and always through data analysis, interactive way to learn about consumers; rather cater to this trend website, we called new media sites.

“New media site” is not a revolutionary flip, which is persistent trend evolved, whether in the technical, operational content is progressive conversion.

Anchor Traditional Website New Media Website
Website Content Basic Information Branded Content, Native Ad
Website Objective Convey information Convey experience
Website Function Waiting for client needs Address customer needs
Web Browsing behavior Website Passive browsing Website promotion Initiative
User Experience Web Navigate no user friendly Effictive web guidance
User Relationship Low , Interative Social Network, Interative
User Distance Not as close Close
Web Technology Ex: Adobe Flash, wmv CSS3, HTML5, Jquery, Responsive Web Design

If you still feel “new media” sounds very mysterious, you can first think about what is media? What is is’s features?

Most people’s first impression flashed in my mind is probably TV! What characteristics do that TV?

Television reports have tidied content (Well-curated content), there is a visual layout, audio-visual presentation with rich content, it actively push messages to you. When you have a head to watch a particular television program, television may bring you more often unimaginable experience, for example, you only want to see the original idol, but later found footage is also very attractive to you, but I did not expect was immediately followed by broadcast popular variety show, so you are constantly being content to attract, and even after the transfer to this customary units. Perspective into the site think that today may be just the user wanted to see up site-specific information, but was surprised to find there are these advantages, and not filled with infomercials to bomb you, it is really useful to propose to you, there are solutions to problems, this time the “Site” is no longer simply to provide information, but one that can give users a great experience “new media sites.”