15 Customer Experience Trends

15 Customer Experience Trends

The Year of Humanity

With all of the discord and tension throughout the world Temkin Group believes that it’s a good time for all of us to refocus on what’s most important, our collective humanity. that’s why Temkin Group is calling 2018, “The Year of Humanity”


Here are 15 trends that Temkin Group expects to see play an important role in customer experience (CX) activities in 2018
  • Metrics Reexamination

Companies will revamp and reconfigure their underperforming CX measurement programs.

  • Customer Feedback Pullback

Companies will cut back on the number of customer surveys and focus their data collection on areas where they are prepared to take action.

  • Voice Recognition Momentum

Companies will focus much more heavily on speech recognition for insights and interfaces.

  • Brand Promise Alignment

Companies will undergo projects to clarify or redefine the meaning of their brand and explicity articulate their customer promises.

  • Experience Design Orientation

Design-oriented projects and efforts will increase as companies try to internalize experience design capabilities.

  • Customer Journey Expansion

Companies will realign their metrics analytics, experience design, and innovation around a customer journey.

  • Digital Integration

Companies will take the next step to digitation by building (and analyzing) experiences that tie together digital channels with contact centers and physical locations.

  • Chatbot Rationalization

The short-term hysteria for chatbots will subside, but a longer-term wave of new AI-based applications will emerge.

  • Persona Popularization

Design personas and behavioral segments will become an even more mainstream tool.

  • Analytics Expertise Shortage

Companies will aggressively recruit limited analytics experts and invest in retraining and retooling internal employees to fill this role.

  • Preemptive Problem Resolution

Service organizations will apply predictive analytics to find use cases where they can proactively resolve and avoid customer issues.

  • Newly Energized Executives

More senior leaders will jump on the customer experience bandwagon with an unrealistics sense of what it takes to drive success.

  • Customer Experience Dispersion

The term “customer experience” will continue to be misused and its meaning will become increasingly diluted.

  • Emergence of “People and Culture”

There will be a dramatic jump in the number of efforts that are explicitly focused on creating customer-centric culture.

  • Empathy & Emotion Dialogue

In “The Year of Humanity”, we expect to see executive agendas actually contain the words “emotion” and “empathy” on them.