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Dealer Management SYSTeM

Entertop's Dealer Management System is an all-in-one dealer management software system that allows the distributor / wholesaler / manufacturer full control over their dealer sales, inventory, price, promotion, credit reports, and financing. As an authorized reseller, Administrator or Management can grant dealerships access to all major services including sales kit, newsupdate, reseller price, dealer price other services popular with independent dealers.

Please download Firefox 1.5.

System Features

  • Tracking vehicle inventory
  • Tracking sales
  • Finance and insurance calculations
  • Menu selling systems
  • Tracking customers (and customer follow up)
  • Accounting
  • Managing dealer website
  • Calculating employee commissions
  • Purchase order tracking
  • Parts inventory
  • Work order management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Proper planning
  • Follow-up
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